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Machine lubrication

High-quality lubricants for machine lubrication by Zeller+Gmelin reduce starting resistance and friction forces and protect reliably from wear.

Product categories

Transmission and Hydraulic Oil
Guide and slideway oils
Compressor and turbine oils
Machine and adhesive oils

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DIVINOL hydraulic oils, transmission oils and machine oils

Under the brand DIVINOL, Zeller+Gmelin offers you high-quality hydraulic oils, transmission oils and machine oils, which are specially aimed at the requirements of modern machines and the preservation of their performance, precision and availability - the perfect basis for efficient production processes in continuous operation.

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DIVINOL guide and slideway oils

DIVINOL guide and slideway oils are specially designed for the high requirements on performance, precision and efficiency in modern production technology. The demulsifying DIVINOL slideway oils offer outstanding stick-slip properties for the lubrication of machine tool guideways. 


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High-quality greases for a variety of applications in industry

Worldwide, our customers successfully use greases of the DIVINOL brand. Whether in automobiles or industrial plants - our greases ensure the low-friction true running of rolling bearings, plain bearings, gears and other units.

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DIVINOL compressor oils and turbine oils

You will find a wide range of high-quality Zeller+Gmelin DIVINOL compressor and turbine oils for the lubrication of heavily loaded compressors and turbines in industry.

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