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Although we think and act globally, we feel particularly committed to the location Göppingen / Eislingen. Here Zeller+Gmelin has experienced a successful development in its more than 150-year history - here is our home. Therefore it is a principle of our self-concept to return part of our success. We regularly support local initiatives in the areas of sports, social welfare and culture.

Social commitment

"Gute Taten"

Zeller+Gmelin supports the charity campaign "Gute Taten" of the local newspaper NWZ (Neue Württembergische Zeitung) for social projects in the rural district of Göppingen. The NWZ campaign "Gute Taten" is a success story. Since 1974, over five million euros in donations have been handed over to people in need in the rural district and to social associations and organizations.

Left to right: Siegfried Müller [General director sales and marketing], Karin Tutas [Editorial staff NWZ], Tobias Dannenmann [Head of Productmanagement and Marketing]

Cultural commitment

Summer festival Schloss Filseck

As part of a variety of music events at the castle Schloss Filseck, the summer festival is the cultural highlight. This festival has quickly established itself in the district of Göppingen and beyond and attracts an increasing number of visitors to the castle every year.


Top-class sports

Since we ourselves strive for excellence, we support top-class sports in the region.

  • Frisch Auf Göppingen - Bundesliga Handball

Mini Football World Championship

We congratulate the 1 FC. Eislingen to the Mini World Championship they won. Good job! We wish you all the best for the future.

Photographer: Thomas Jones Fotografie